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Your webpages
       This space is dedicated to the websites of your schools and classes where you talk us about the experience you’ve had with the LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre Project or simply about the Iberian lynx, the Black Vulture and their habitat, the Mediterranean landscape!
- Barrancos
- Moura

County of Barrancos

Blogspot: Barrancos pequeninos
27/03/2011: O Abutre - preto e o Lince ibérico
School: EBI de Barrancos, turma A do 2º ano, ano lectivo 2010 / 2011
Location: Barrancos

County of Moura

Blogspot: Sete e Muitos
27/01/2011: Students and teachers participate in a field trip to Baldio da Amareleja to see Bui’s nest!
30/03/2011: Drawings from the 1st grade – The Iberian Lynx and the Black Vulture
21/06/2011: Story from the 2nd grade students – The Lynx Manchas and the Vulture Bui
School: EB1 do Sete e Meio
Location: Moura

If you want to see the school’s works about the Iberian lynx and the Black Vulture that you have at your school / class website in this space, send us an e-mail to!