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LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre arrives at Caldeirão’s schools!
28 October 2011

The environmental education actions of the LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre project arrive this autumn to the schools of the Caldeirão Site. The activities will be aimed at first grade to high school students of the counties covered by the Caldeirão Site, one of the three areas of intervention of the project.

Students from 1st to 5th grade will be presented and a brief and funny description of Bui and Manchas (two friendly mascots that, in this project, represent the black vulture and the Iberian lynx), its threats and conservation concerns. These new concepts will be later applied in the project’s game «The Adventures of Manchas and Bui», and in a dynamic gymkhana that will be held in the playground of their school.
The oldest students will be given a lecture on the project, adapted to their school grade. Their creativity will then be tested with the completion of the challenge «Help the Iberian lynx and the black vulture», which can consist in the elaboration of a tale, story, song or other theme within the field of arts or literature. The best school projects will be announced in the project’s website.


The environmental education activities in the Caldeirão Site will be performed by professionals of IN LOCO, a local association for the development and citizenship, which maintains a constant proximity to local communities in the inner Algarve and Alentejo regions.