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Habitat Lince Abutre at the X Congress of SECEM
12 December 2011

      Technicians of the Project attended the tenth Congress of the Spanish Society of Mammal Conservation and Ecology (X SECEM), which took place at Fuengirola (Malaga) from the 3rd – 6th December 2011.

The oral communication given by LPN focused on the cartographic analysis carried out to select at the regional level priority areas to implement conservation actions targeted at the Iberian lynx in the intervention area of this LIFE project, the Southeast of Portugal. While one of the preparatory actions of the Project, this analysis revealed essential to define clearly and objectively the most important places to intervene, as well as to select with more detail the local managers and landowners to contact.

During the congress, attended by around 300 people, several papers were presented on the biology, ecology, distribution and conservation of several mammal species of the Iberian Peninsula.
Overall, 72 oral communications, in 3 parallel sessions, and 80 posters were presented, including two sessions of oral communications and several posters about the Iberian lynx, which had a particular relevance to the project’s technicians, who had the opportunity to learn a little more about the current situation of this feline in Spain, concerning its wild populations, and the efforts of the captive breeding and reintroductions programmes in Andalusia.