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The population of Salir gets to know ‘gato-cravo’ and black vulture
17 February 2012

The population of Salir, in Algarve, received two technicians from LPN who, during an informal meeting, presented LIFE (EU’s financial instrument) and the LIFE project Habitat Lince Abutre, enlightening the audience on some of the measures applied under the scope of the project and answering many curiosities about the Iberian lynx, also know in the region as gato-cravo or liberne.


The project’s team thanks the civil parish of Salir and, especially its President, for allowing this campaign taking place at their facilities as well as for their support in its disclosure among the local population. We also thank the National Republican Guard (Portugal’s gendarmerie) of Loulé for having attended this meeting.

Throughout this year we will promote several awareness campaigns of this kind, not only in other localities of Caldeirão Hills, but also at the regions of Mourão, Moura and Barrancos and Guadiana Valley.