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The Iberian Lynx and the Black Vulture arrive at schools!
3 December 2010

The first activities of environmental education started in November with schools of the region of Moura, Mourão and Barrancos.
This first activity, of a set of three, consists of a field trip to Baldio da Amareleja to visit the artificial nest for Black Vulture, built in the scope of the technical workshop organized last October.

The activity starts with a brief explanation on the concept of environmental association, nature conservation and threatened species, followed by a description of the biological and ecological characteristics of the Iberian Lynx and Black Vulture, the threats they face and the conservation actions that are being developed to protect these species. Later, the children hear a story on “The adventures of the vulture Bui and the lynx Manchas” so that they can associate the concepts they were taught to the characters and, thereby, strengthen their learning. Once they reach the artificial nest, they receive an explanation on its objectives and on the steps taken to its construction.

This first activity will include 29 visits to approximately 646 students of Moura, Mourão and Barrancos, from preschool until the 6th grade.