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Full room at Sobral da Adiça
10 October 2012

Several olive producers of the region of Moura attended on October 3 a meeting organized by Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project to present them the project. The reunion took place at Sobral da Adiça, in the municipality of Moura, and gathered 25 olive producers willing to get to know more about the project and, specially, the measure proposed for the olive groves of the Moura mountains.

At the beginning of the meeting, Miguel Raposo Pedro, from the Association of Moura’s Young Farmers, one of the associated beneficiaries of the project, emphasized the importance of the establishment of synergies between agriculture and conservation, as well as of entities from both parties. The project was then explained, including the measure proposed for the olive groves of Moura mountains, that aims the creation of corridors of adequate habitat for the Iberian lynx in olive groves located in the lowlands of the mountains. For that, we are counting on with the cooperation of olive producers, so that they leave small portions of their olive groves where vegetation (grasses and bushes) can grow, thus easing the Iberian lynx and other species’ movement between the top of the mountains, where well preserved areas of shelter still exist. Additionally, the vegetation will also generate favorable areas for wild rabbits and other game species.

This measure foresees a financial compensation for eventual losses of income to the olive producers that wish to cooperate.

Most of the olive producers that attended this meeting stayed interested in the measure proposed, and revealed available to gather again with the project’s team to discuss a potential cooperation.


The team of Habitat Lince Abutre thanks all olive producers for their presence, the civil parish of Sobral da Adiça for letting us use a room in their facilities for this gathering and for the disclosure of the event, and Rádio Planície for the divulgation at the local radio of Moura.