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The Iberian lynx and the Black Vulture on primetime!
29 July 2010

On July 24, the story ‘Iberian lynx in danger’ was exhibited during the evening news of SIC (one of Portugal’s most watched TV station), focusing on the efforts developed for the species’ conservation, ex-situ, with the recent construction of the National Iberian Lynx Breeding Center, in Silves, and in-situ, through measures implemented under the scope of LPN’s projects, such as Habitat Lince Abutre.
There was also chance to talk about some of the threats that the Iberian lynx faces currently, such as, for example, the scarcity of wild rabbit (its main prey) and the fear for restrictions at areas with potential habitats for the species’ occurrence. The black vulture, the other target species of the project, was also highlighted at the news, due to the recent breeding attempts in the north of the country, in the region of Tejo Internacional.

If you did not have the chance to watch this excellent story, you can do it here (minute 24:35).