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The adventures of Manchas and Bui, at the swimming pools of Barrancos
1 June 2011

All classes of the Elementary School of Barrancos, teachers and assistants, took their swimsuits out of the drawer and headed to the city council’s swimming pools to signal and celebrate at the same time the Children’s Day and the official opening of the pools!

The children who attended the event had already played ‘The adventures of Manchas and Bui’, during the school period, at their classes, but not even the cool tempting water or the other activities stopped them from playing the project’s game again and again, at the same time griffon vultures and black vultures were crossing the town’s skies!

The team of CEAI in the project, invited to this event, is grateful for this gentle invitation, which enabled us to disclose this and other nature conservation projects that are being implemented in the region.