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Awareness meeting at Mértola
30 May 2013

More than 30 people gathered in the late afternoon of May 21 in Mértola to hear about the Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project. Besides landowners, hunting managers and associations and other local inhabitants and curious, this meeting also counted with the presence of the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (the national authority responsible for the conservation of nature), including from the Natural Park of Guadiana, and the National Association of Game Producers and Landowners, both associated beneficiaries of this project.

Several doubts were posed right at the beginning of this awareness meeting, namely about the feeding stations for scavenger birds and the historical occurrence of the Iberian lynx in the region of Mértola.
During the meeting, the participants got to know the species’ characteristics, as well as the measures implemented in the region for their protection and their habitat’s promotion.

At the end of the gathering, some participants talked about the possible scenery of the return of the Iberian lynx to that area and the alleged impact of this feline in the local densities of wild rabbit, the Iberian lynx’s main prey and a very important game species
Another issue discussed was the alleged deliberated release of wild animals reared in captivity into the wild, a common belief here demystified.



The Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project thanks once more to the City Council of Mértola for letting us promote this awareness meeting at the Movie-Theater Marques Duque.