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Ecological corridors for the Iberian lynx disclosed in the media!
27 August 2013 - 10 January 2021

At the Moura/Barrancos Site, throughout the last decades, the intensive olive groves have expanded their area, replacing more traditional farming practices, causing habitat loss and fragmentation where once was a historical area of Iberian lynx occurrence and where high densities of wild rabbit still exist. These intensive olive groves are characterized by a monotonous landscape with reduced biodiversity, when compared to traditional olive groves that sustain a great diversity of species, namely birds, insects and plants.

Therefore, Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project created a network of ecological corridors (55ha) within the extensive olive groves of intensive exploitation, reducing the barrier effect and establishing the connection between scrublands of small and medium extension and contributing to the restoration of a habitat with a great value for the Iberian lynx – the Mediterranean scrubland.

In an interview to the radio Campanário and the national TV station RTP1, Eduardo Santos and Nuno Curado talked about this important measure. Listen and watch the interviews here: