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Participation in the I Conference "Patrimonio Natural y Biodiversidad de Sierra Morena"
5 November 2013

Invited by Iberus Médio Ambiente, Alfonso Godino, responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the conservation measures targeted at the Black Vulture under LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre, participated in the I Conference "Patrimonio Natural y Biodiversidad de Sierra Morena" (Natural Heritage and Biodiversity of Sierra Morena), which took place in Aldeaquemada (Jaén) on November 1 - 3.

This gathering allowed 65 students and environmental technicians to learn more on the conservation of the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Iberian lynx, the biodiversity of Sierra Morena, namely its scavenger birds, continental fish, amphibians and reptiles, and the experiments accomplished for the conservation of the endemic and threatened flora. The ornithological tourism at Sierra Morena, sky contamination by artificial light or the application of genetic techniques in the non invasive tracking of small and threatened populations of Iberian wolf were the other themes discussed in this conference.

Alfonso Godino talked about the conservation measures implemented by LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre for the promotion of the Black Vulture in what can be considered the Portuguese Sierra Morena – the Special Protection Area of Mourão-Moura-Barrancos, revealing the data obtained in the scavenger birds counts (census) that took place in the region since October 2010 up until now.


This encounter also included a night walk to observe amphibians, bird ringing, the exhibition of a documentary on Sierra Morena’s wildlife (“Wild Med, el último bosque mediterráneo”) and a guided visit to the Natural Park of Cascada de la Cimbarra, one of the richest places in natural heritage, diversity of flora, fauna and geology in Europe, with unique landscape and geological values, where well conserved oak woodlands and dense Mediterranean shrublands abound.

LIFE Habitat Lince Abutre thanks Iberus Birding & Nature and Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral del Territorio de Sierra Morena (ADIT Sierra Morena) for the invitation to attend this conference and their hospitality.

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