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Habitat Lince Abutre returns to the schools of Silves
3 March 2014

From February 25 – 27, environmental information and awareness activities took place in five schools of the municipality of Silves: Secondary School of Silves (students from grade 10th), EB 2,3 Dr. Garcia Domingues – Silves (students from grades 5th and 8th, EB 2, 3 João de Deus – São Bartolomeu de Messines (students from grade 8th), EB 2,3 Dr. António da Costa Contreiras – Armação de Pêra (students from grade 8th) and E.B 2,3 do Algoz (students from grade 9th).

In these activities, organized in partnership with the dynamic Office of Sport and Youth of the Municipality of Silves, participated about 280 students, who attentively heard about many aspects of the biology, ecology, behavior, threats and conservation needs of two of the most charismatic species of our natural heritage, the Iberian lynx and the Black Vulture, the LIFE project Habitat Lince Abutre and the several actions implemented by it.


Secondary School of Silves, students of the 10th grade


EB 2,3 Dr. Garcia Domingues in Silves, students of grades 5th and 8th

EB 2,3 João de Deus in São Bartolomeu de Messines, students of grade 8th

EB 2,3 Dr. António da Costa Contreiras in Armação de Pêra, students of grade 8th


EB 2,3 do Algoz, classes of grade 9th

Many of these young did not know that there were vulture species in Portugal. Others were not familiar with the richness of the natural heritage of the Caldeirão Hills, right next door to them… This generated a very positive and interesting interaction with the students during the talks, with many questions, which made the activities more dynamics and interesting for all. Most classes also participated in a quiz about Habitat Lince Abutre LIFE project, therefore testing their attention in class, with the results being very satisfactory.

Quiz - students of the Secondary School of Silves

The team of the project thanks Sérgio Costa and Andreia Branco from the Youth Office of the Municipality of Silves for their invitation and dedication to the accomplishment of these activities.
We also congratulate the Agrupamento de Escolas de Silves and the Agrupamento de Escolas de Silves Sul, for having accepted this challenge and for the great performance of its students.
This was the third consecutive year that the project was presented to the schools of Silves.