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Mourão, Moura and Barrancos
Mourão, Moura and Barrancos
The counties comprised by this intervention area are Mourão (Central Alentejo sub-region, Évora district), Moura, Barrancos and the northern region of Serpa county (Baixo-Alentejo sub-region, Beja district).
The civil parishes included are: Sobral da Adiça, Santo Aleixo da Restauração, Safara, Santo Agostinho, Santo Amador, Amareleja, Póvoa de São Miguel (Moura county), Barrancos (Barrancos county), Granja, Mourão (Mourão county) and Vila Verde de Ficalho (Serpa county).

The region of Mourão, Moura and Barrancos presents a great physiographic, geologic and, therefore, landscape heterogeneity, resulting in a complex mosaic dominated by farming areas, shrubs and natural pastures. The holm and cork oak woodlands (montados) along with opened agricultural landscapes, with important pseudo-steppe areas (permanent pastures, fallows and extensive cereal crops), are dominant landscapes in this mosaic. Besides the extensive vineyards, olive groves, dryland and irrigated orchards, here we can also find the most beautiful mountains, dense Mediterranean woodlands and scarped cliffs, crossed by rivers and water streams of torrential regime.
Nowadays, the extension of intensive olive groves’ projects is rapidly increasing in the western area of this region, which, along with the arid climate and the aquifers susceptibility, represents a serious threat to the fauna and flora and their habitats that exist there, some of them rare or endangered.
Human occupancy is low and concentrated nearby the main villages of the region.

The areas of the Natura 2000 network where the project takes place are:
Mourão/Moura/Barrancos SPA
Moura/Barrancos pSCI